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Last Updated: Janury 28, 2016


The mission of Chung Hua University is to prepare our students for decent adults with professionalismcreative thinkingand empathy. According to the mission abovethe general education center's educational objective is to help students become physically and mentally health modern citizens who care for society and are creative in everyday lives. To achieve the general educational objective,all courses are divided into three parts: English courses, core requirements, and elective courses.

Additionally, Core requirements and elective courses are again divided into six categories:

(1) Self exploration

(2) The humanities

(3) Art perception and appreciation

(4) Understanding contemporary society

(5)  Biomedical science and health care

(6) Scientific inquiry

Additionally, a complete course map is also made to promote students'core competencies; students should learn more to build a knowledge base for cross curricular studies. As a result, general education courses also improve students'core competencies in seven areas:

(1) Self-management skills

(2) Communication skills

(3) Aesthetics creativity

(4) Caring for society

(5) Health promotion

(6) Logic and critical thinking

(7) Language skills.

In order to improve teaching effectiveness and to show multiple instructing approaches, “annual general education week event” offers various activities for students, such as large lectures,cultural and artistic activitiesexhibitionsperformancescontestsoutside campus visits…etc. These activities not only inspire students' creativitybut also improve professors' understanding for cross curricular meaning. Furthermore, every semester general education center also design a series of “General Education Salon Activities” to provide faculty and students a mental SPA learning experience. In addition to the above regular activitieslectures on related courses and academic seminars are irregularly held.

Lastly, diverse contests and events are executed to enhance the opportunity for faculty and learners to know and learn with each other.